The chat room

Lunch With...?


There’s nothing like a relaxed lunchtime chat with someone to get some good yarns, and that’s what we achieve here. The idea is to tell the untold stories of people you may not know or be familiar with. The big names are great, but there’s so many untold stories just sitting there, waiting to be extracted – possibly with the help of a persuasive ale or decent red or two. Enjoy the Lunch With Series

Talking With Tone


Talking with Tone is a podcast series created by well known sports commentator and announcer Tony Schibeci. ‘The voice of the G’ catches up for in depth one-on-ones with some very interesting people, not just from the sporting world, but a whole lot of different genres. 

Enter the room, sit back and enjoy the chat.

The 922 Experience


In this unique look at the brand new car called ‘The 992 Experience’, Richard Craill chats to a driver – Bathurst champion Luke Youlden – a technical guru and an experienced motoring journalist to get their thoughts on what makes the latest and greatest 911 tick.

Then he gives his own impressions about driving the car around The Bend Motorsport Park.