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On The Grid


If you’re into motorsport, then this is your room.  'On the Grid' is our weekly podcast focusing on Supercars, F1, Moto GP, Rally, Superbikes, Go Karts and much more. Meanwhile 'Lunch With' features some great chats with Motoring people.

Enter the room, sit back and enjoy the chat.

On The Turnbuckle


On the Turnbuckle is a recap of the week in Wrestling both locally and in the States.  Plus some of the biggest names in Australian wrestling joining the boys for a chat.

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Cinephiles Assemble


Cinephiles Assemble. A conversation about Popular cinema and Entertainment.

Coaches Corner


This is where the coaches come to learn. Head tennis coach of the Melbourne International Tennis School Marc Sophoulis chats to coaches from all walks of life. From youth coaches to Olympic coaches, they all have a story to tell and information to pass on. 

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The Chat Room


The team at My Podcast love nothing more than a chat.  And what's even better is when that chat is with someone interesting.  Someone who has a story to tell and one that will keep our audience captivated. 

Enter the room, sit back and enjoy the chat.

Dealing with, Working through


Dealing With Working Through is a podcast to help you deal with the issues in life and work through to a positive solution.

Spotlight - The Offical Podcast of the Spotswood CC


The Spotswood CC is nearly 130 years old and is a proud and strong club based in Melbourne's Western Suburbs.  Located just off the West Gate Bridge, Spotswood play their home games at McLean Reserve. 

Legal Talk


Legal decisions can often effect our everyday life either personally or in business.  Tom Mutavdzija from James Partners Lawyers will go through a range of legal issues that you may face at some point and help you with an understanding of what you might need to do if you find yourself facing a situation.

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Tax Tips and Accounting


Tax time can be stressful at the best of times.  What can you claim? What do you need to declare? What is income and what is not?  Tony Rabah from TNR Consulting takes you through the do's and don'ts, of filling out a Tax Return in these short and informative Tax Hint Podcasts.

Enter the room. Sit back and enjoy the chat

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